His Taste, His Place, His Decoration

His Taste, His Place, His Decoration

Would you recognize the male taste for His space? Men indeed have a different taste but a unique sense of balance and class. They have a lot to offer in terms of interior/exterior design. Look at men like Nate Berkus who have established a well-known brand for themselves all via their design insight. Yes, men definitely offer a brand new perspective into the design world— a perspective that deserves a discussion.

Without feeding into a stereotype, it is still a known fact that men think differently than women. Most men are strategists, planners, and ‘doer’s’. It only seems obvious that with this skill-set a man would be drawn into the design world.

Design is full of ‘doer’s’, thinkers, planners and people with unique insight, so men fit the mold perfectly. If one does not have a vision, then they cannot become a designer.  A person with vision has imagination and a sensory modality that is imperative to design and decorating.

Of course, many women possess this vision, but the male brain is also apt to function in this manner, it’s simply in their DNA. Let’s look a little further into the male brain and why it makes men great decorators… Let’s be viewing some pics…

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