Warwick Fabrics UK

Warwick Fabrics UK are creators of exclusive furnishing fabrics for domestic and commercial interiors. Their ranges are suitable for upholstery and drapery and regularly selected by furniture manufacturers for their lines, and as such you may be sitting on one of our fabrics without even realizing it.

Warwick is supplying fabrics to the trade for 30 years, winning the Queens Award for Export Achievement in 1993. Warwick Fabrics UK is co-owned by Warwick Fabrics Australia, sharing design and purchasing resources, but not necessarily stocking the same fabrics. Warwick Fabrics UK exports to Europe, Africa & the Americas, while Warwick Fabrics Australia exports to Asia and & Middle East. Recently releasing the Legacy Kelim Launches. The fabrics take inspiration from antique Persian carpet designs.

Coarse carpet yarns have been replaced with weighty, soft to the touch fibres of cotton, linen and viscose, with the addition of polyester for strength, durability and abrasion performance.


Katerina Kremida Home & Yacht Designer


Warwick Fabrics UK


June 19, 2017