Ethimo Outdoor Furniture

The Italian furnishings Ethimo reflect the warmth and radiance of the Italian landscape and incorporate references to tradition. A favorite company to provide beautiful and modern collections with ideal as functional outdoor furniture.


A multi-sensorial path from nature to design

Land surrounded by sea. The hot sun that embraces the landscape. Luxuriant plants and trees that offer their fruit. Majestic Etna looks on from above, an attentive guardian, while shade and light play their lively games among the orchards, highlighting natural microcosms and rural architectures. A magic, welcoming scenario, the cradle of millenary cultures and daily habits, where warm colours and inebriating fragrances create multi-sensorial experiences. A unique, surprising journey that provides inspiration for the Ethimo collections. In-depth study of shapes, colours and materials has an easy task here, where the grey of lava soil, the orange of orange groves and the red of the Roman villas meet the warm veining of teak and the simple complexity of the woven fibres. A spokesperson for all that is Mediterranean, Sicily in its thousands of colours is an ancient union of shapes, flavors and fragrances that narrate moments of oblivion alternated with relentless natural evolution.

Lovely furniture to view in a small parade. Enjoy!

Quality materials respecting environment

The quality of each piece in the Ehimo collection starts from the value of an original design, the result of the interpretation of traditional concepts and materials, in the light of taste and contemporary lifestyle.

Fine woods from cultivations with controlled reforestation. Recyclable synthetic fibres that recreate the sensations of organic materials. Varnishes that respect the environment, with colours that take their inspiration from nature.

Ethimo selects the materials for their technical and functional qualities, but also for their ability to give a feeling of natural comfort, elegance and prestige: to look at and to touch.

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